"She wanted to pluck a
feather and tickle his heiny."
Giant Eggs Prevail

He cooed and he ogled, 'Watch me make us rich.'
It was the most preposterous thing she'd heard.
He told her the wealth would come with his ostrich.
'A big fucking bird?' she asked, 'A big fucking bird.'

The thought of the huge omelets filled her with glee.
He was thinking ostrich skin bags and shoes.
She wanted to pluck a feather and tickle his heiny.
Ostrich flank steaks, so delicious, how could he lose?

He told her the amount of meat an ostrich allows.
Her mouth dropped, her eyes grew drippy with tears.
He knew he had to forget about the pig and two cows
And that his eggs over easy would be the biggest in years.

So the moral is what a lady wants, she can get,
Even if it is the world's most ridiculous pet.

                                                by Angela J. Perry