"My bling is a pair of
antique castanets."
Heart Flutter Clutter

I have a cat that makes loopy poopies.
My bling is a pair of antique castanets.
I have a hotdog stand hero with a monthly metro card.
I smack around busboys and break dishes on purpose.
I wear ponchos. I don't own an apron. I’ve met Ozzy.
I know a girl named Susan and she is, in fact, lazy.
My blood doesn't coagulate anymore from my bleeding heart.
I need to learn to be more pernickety with the boys.
I live in a catawampus bungalow in Alphabet City.
In a world where waiters want to shanghai my salsify
I prefer to keep my bloomers up and my address private.
Gettin' swervey on sassafras,
Yes, this whole nugget is mine.

          by Angela J. Perry