"i can't be cured
like a meat that i love"
the virgin isn’t
germs are squeezing through
making me immune to sensicle
my exit is red
that should be a sign
i regifted a phone to myself
and called someone
i don’t care about
i’m thinking about bib embellishing
and the business of embellishment
  but i don’t
     i can’t be cured
        like a meat that i love
freddy’s barstool
stream of idiocy
i order brown liquid
because there isn’t a brown boy
to order me around
i never agree with either
but both master my mouth
like a funny farm
i produce you crazy
by Angela J. Perry
i like odd dog drawings
and the universal thought
that m.j. was beside himself with besot
and that j.b.j. is actually thor
so as i roam as i foam
there is glee in knowing there is
a mariachi just for me
helmets may be required